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There is no airport on Sark therefore the only link to and from the island is by sea. 

The Isle of Sark Shipping Company Ltd is owned by the island of Sark and since 1969 it has been the only operator of the year-round lifeline Passenger and Cargo service between Guernsey and Sark.

The 9 mile journey between Maseline Harbour Sark and St Peter Port harbour Guernsey takes approximately 35 minutes on The Corsaire de Sercq to 50 minutes on the Sark Venture or Viking.

The majority of the 50,000 return passengers carried on our vessels each year are visitors travelling to and from Sark.

The main tourist season runs from April to October but regular passenger and cargo services continue to operate during the winter months, enabling both visitors and residents to travel to and from Sark all year round.

The mission statement of the Isle of Sark Shipping Company Ltd is "To ensure the sustainable provision of safe, reliable, friendly and efficient passenger and freight shipping services for the of residents of Sark and visitors to it."

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    The 2023/24 Business Plan is available for download HERE